Friday, November 28, 2008

EU neighbours love German drivers

Spiegel Online (click here) today quotes an international study commissioned by insurer AXA according to which Germans are the best drivers in Europe. Approximately 7200 participants from nine European countries ranked the Germans as No.1 in five countries and as No.2 in four others. Britsh and Swiss drivers came out second and third in the overall ranking.
Germans, however, rated the driving style of their own countrymen as "audacious" and "agressive".
Further details:
  • approximately 80% of those questioned think that women are better drivers than men.
  • a large majority thought that not keeping a safe distance is the biggest risk when driving.
  • approximately 25% of all Germans admitted to not keeping a safe distance when driving .
  • 41 % of Germans feel the safest on country roads.
  • the largest proportion of fatal accidents in Germany happen on country roads.

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